Hi!how many kids are there in home schooling?Is there home schooling in Europe ?

To view the statistics on home schooling in the United States visit the following two links:
And the National Home Education Research Institute at:
For up to date news, and home school information in the US and many countries overseas, including Europe go to:
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Estimates vary from about 1.1 million to about 2 million in the US, depending on who you ask.

Some European countries allow home school, some don't.
I don't know how many homeschoolers there are in Europe, you'd have to find country by country stats and add them all up.

My understanding is that most European countries allow homeschooling, with the major exception being Germany (which, not ironically, is the birthplace of public education). If you're interested in a particular country, you'll need to ask about that country.
Yes, there are homeschoolers in Europe (some countries more than others). The only place I know of where it is illegal is Germany, since a law instituted by Hitler in the late 30's is still in place outlawing it.
In American Homeschooling is becoming more and more popular the home school organization in our area alone has over 600 families and it serves only 1 parish in Louisiana! Across the nation there are estimates of around 2 million families. According to hslda.org only Germany has made homeschooling illegal
In Europe home shcooling is illegal in most countries and totally illegal and seen as a very strange thing in all of the countries of the European Union. Except for cases in which the student has to be at home or at a hospital due to illness (and even in those cases the kid is accompanied by a school teacher).
Virtually all european teachers and education experts are against home schooling because it's not adequate and it's very poor in quality and diversity.

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