How do homeschoolers get a photo id?

How old is the person? State ID or school picture? State ID's are obtained through the DMV. I know there are agencies for missing children that take pictures of you child.
They can apply for a passport.
you can get photo id's at the DMV, just like driver's licenses.
Where do you live! I know in California you can go to the DMV where you get your drivers license and get an ID!!
maybe the teachers would just recognize the students
d.m.v . you have to have a valid social security card, and birth certificate.
You can go to the DMV and get a photo ID.

Like, it should look just like a driver's license, but it'll specify somewhere on there that it's only for identification purposes (at least that's how it is in FL). In Florida it costs about $10-12.. not sure... Go to your state's DMV website (Department of Motor Vehicle). When I was about 12 I got one made. You'll probably need to bring your birth certificate, and social security card. I had gotten a photo ID, and my schooling had no interference with me getting it. It doesn't matter.

Hope that helps.
I believe rather than a "normal" photo ID like all the answers so far, you are looking for a "student" ID?

If so, there was a great reply in your first posting of this question about a company in FL who makes them at a cost.

Here is where you can make a free one:

Some HS groups also make a template for you to fill in info.
My daughter (13 yo), got a photo I.D. by going to the Department of Licensing and applying for a State I.D. card. We had to bring information like SSN and a copy of her birth certificate, and now she has a Photo I.D. that is more "official" then any school I.D.
Last i checked in at least here you need your birth certificate social security card proof of address and a parent but check with the dmv to find out for sure
We got a photo ID for our kids through our local county sheriff's office. It was free.
I believe you can get one through HSLDA (a student ID) at the following link:

Regular ID, you just go to the DMV :-)
It depends on what you need it for, but you can go to the DMV and get a non-driver's ID card.
Go to:
You can create one yourself.

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