Home Schooling or Private Tutoring Options?? HELP!!?

Question:Anyone! I am in the process of changing jobs. Unfortunately the timing is such that schools where I will be relocating to will be ending the quater by time we get there and where I am now they haven't even started. I'm trying to find a way to have my child home schooled/ private tutored until we move as opposed to starting classes here and leaving after only 4 weeks. However I wouldn't be able to home school her. Does any one know of tutoring services that provide all-day/home schooling tutors???

You need to register your child as a homeschooler first in your state.

To do this, check the laws for homeschooling on this site. www.hslda.org

After, you can see what your options are for homeschooling your child.
Why don't you try the American Home Schooling? It is a program with 16 books and the child usually starts in the ninth grade. My sister did it and she graduated 2 years early. The child can work at their own pace and usually does not need much help. Good luck. The address is: www.americanschoolofcorrespond...
private tutorings help you a lot compred to home schooing
First step is to officailly notify the school where your child is/was expected to be that you are with drawing them for home schooling. If you don't do this you could find the Department of Human Services knocking on your door for child neglect.

And since your only talking about a 4 week period you could simply do the home schooling yourself. It would only take you 2 to 3 hours per day and they don't have to be all at once... you can find resources for what to use all over the net.
I know someone who has their child enrolled for school this September even though they'll be moving to another country at the beginning of October and the school system is different. I say don't make a big fuss of this by trying to hire someone, although you could if you really want this and have the money--contact local support groups to find a family willing to take them in (for a fee, naturally).

My personal recommendation would be to contact the school they'll be going to once you move and explaining the situation. See what they have to say. Also contact your local school and explain to them the situation. Between the two, some unique situation might be worked out. Perhaps something can be set up at the school where you now live so your kids have an independent study time to catch up to where they should be for their new school. Or they may have some other ideas. But unless you know exactly what this other school's curriculum is (if it's in another state, it's going to be different!), hiring a private tutor isn't necessarily going to help. You need to know where they should be at when you move, which you can only do by discussing things with the new school.

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