Hi!i am from Europe and i don't know- what is homeschooling?

Home schooling is just what it sounds like.

The children are schooled or educated at home. Some parents see no point in putting their children in a class room that has a range of students form super bright to normal to down right stupid, because in American schools the teachers teach to the dumbest students which means that normal and above normal students tend to get bored stiff.

Parents can get the same text book as the kids would use in school or different books and teach them at home. The up side is that home schooling actually takes less time than the student would use in school because its one on one. The down side is students don't have the same opportunities for extra curricular activities.

It really doesn't matter that much to the universities in the US where you are school (home or in school) because they rely on the standardized college entrance exams for a lot of their decision. I've personally know home schooled students that were accepted to Yale Univeristy as well as Stanford...

The only problem home school student face is the stigma it may bring to the student because the earliest families that home schooled were the religious nut jobs that didnt' want evolution taught to their kids. Its more main stream now and the stigma is fading.
Homeschooling is also known as home education.
this method is more common in rural areas where there arent as many schools or schools are unaccessable.
homeschooling is when the parents of a child or children keep them at home and teach them by themselves, rather than at a public or private school.
Some parents believe the school system is unsatisfatory and prefer the option of teaching their own children at home.
Homeschooling is just that... school at home. Your parents are usually the teachers, and so if they have the proper colledge degrees in education and special permission, they can teach their child aat home instead of them going to public or private school.
Homeschooling is when you don't attend a public or private school, instead you do your learning at home.

There are so many ways to homeschool.
I am from Europe as well, I received my formal education in Europe many moons ago.
We have chosen to home school our children.
My husband holds a Masters in Education and teaches part-time as well in a local University, but this is not necessary to be able to home school your children.

Home schooling is, to make a long story short, the right of the parents to educate their children at home, and choose their own curriculum, time, and place to provide said education.
This is not just done for religious reasons; people from all walks of life and religious believes choose to home school their children.

It provides the opportunity for families to set their own schedules, and agenda, while allowing their children to learn at their own pace, and pursue their own interests.
The education is tailored to each individual child/young adult so that they do not waste time preparing/learning subjects that have little or nothing to do with what they want to do in life.
Often this can provide many opportunities that schools cannot, or will not allow; like job training, taking college classes while finishing their high school program, early graduation (16), and so on.

It is a legal, and often a great alternative to public, private, or charter schools, and the numbers of families choosing this option is growing every year.
it's when your parents teach you school at home.
Home school is exactly as it sounds school at home. Kids these days can and do get involved in extracurricular activities through home school groups and other private organizations unlike what someone above me said and not all of us are religious nut jobs like some one else stated. The parents today have the choice of an overwhelming number of curriculum's and do not need any degrees in education. You do however need to be able to learn and teach what the child is learning or you have the choice of using scripted teaching manuals like those in public schools that tell the teacher how to teach it (but that depends on the program you use). There are 2 basic ways to home school. 1 is to use a program and the other is called unschooling where the kids learns everything without having the parent on them all day and learning by play especially in the younger grades. I think that way is great for those that have kids that don't fight the whole education process and are motivated. I personally use a curriculum to teach because I find that its easier to track their progress. If your interested in homeschooling start with hslda.org it will give you the regulations in each state and tell you what you need to know to get started!
Home schooling is when a parent or tutor teaches children at the child or children's home. There are programs that sell books and lesson plans for people who want to home school their kids.

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