Home School?

Question:my friend is a home school person.her grandmother teaches her.every week she has many exams.she told me that she hates being home school.should i suggest that she goes back to a normal school for her to focus in studies very well?she is often cramming herself all the time.

No, you are her friend and it is your job to be a friend and encourage her, but referring to your way of schooling as "normal" tells your friend that her way is not normal and that is not what friends do.
You have to consider your friend may be blowing steam. She may be learning new things that are taking more time than she is used to. She may see her publicschool friends as having more free time than she does and she may just be longing for more idle time.
I'm not sure how going to a public school makes you more focused, usually the reverse is true, and homeschool students are able to focus more time on each subject.

So, having said all that, just do your job and be a friend. Listen, encourage, love, accept differences in your friend's schooling style and be there.
But do not get in the middle of this. It is a family issue There is so much to homeschooling that you probably do not understand, so any suggestions, outside of suggesting she take her concerns to her grandmother, would not be very helpful anway.
Well, the family probably had reasons for homeschooling. She may not like it, but that doesn't mean it is bad for her. Kids often don't like the very things they need the most. As far as her "cramming", truly if she is always doing it then it is called "studying" and is something she will need to know how to do for college. If it seems to you like she has a lot of work, then there is probably a goal behind the work.

In the end, its the family's business, not yours.
Suggest? To whom? If it's your friends decision, she'll make it on her own. (I would never tell any child/young adult to make suggestions to their friends parents!) She may just be going through a difficult time with her studies. She might just need someone to listen. I'm sure if she hates it very much, she'll let her grandmother/parents know how she feels.
And no matter what the latest TV news show berates the school systems for giving too much homework, "cramming" can actually make you remember what you've learned sometimes.
No. It's really none of your concern to try to usurp her family's authority or decisions. Real friends don't do that.
No, encourage her to talk to her grandmother. There's more than one way to homeschool.
Your friend needs to be resourceful and do a bit of her own research on different homeschooling methods. Her family may well be open to another approach and are only using the one they are using now because it's the only thing they know. "Normal" school isn't the answer to focusing on studies. I spent most of my time in class grinding my teeth, waiting to get out so I could go home and study uninterrupted! Except, by the time I got home, I was too tired to study well. I'm going to homeschool my daughter, then we should both come out with a decent education!

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