Does anyone know where i can get a homeschool general science book?

Question:i need one ubder 50.00$

Rainbow Resource Center

Just go to the science area, they have several really great ones, most of them at good discounts :-)
I have one listed on Amazon right now for sale under $10
Check out used book stores, or talk to other homeschoolers. You could probably get one cheaply from someone who is finished with it.
Check Ebay.
I like to go to Barnes and Nobel too. If you look online at science books and see one you want, BN will order it for you. You can just pick it up at their store and save the cost of shipping. Plus they have a teacher's discount of twenty percent. I just use my HSLDA card and they give me the discount.
A last option would be a teacher supply store if you have one in your area.
try your local library or go to or try www.
Usborne, Dorling Kindersley, and Kingfisher all have great science encyclopedias for $15-25 (on Amazon,, etc.) These are great general science resources for elementary.

However, if you're looking for something for junior high or above, these may be a little below them.

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