Back to school clothes shopping?

Question:How much money should you spend on back to school clothes for one child? And can you recomend any good places to buy from? That have decent, chic clothing, and is good price wise?

Since I homeschool (notice this is the homescooling section) I buy my kids clothes when they need them, not necessarily at "back to school time". If we are doing laundry one day and notice that one child has only one or two pair of pants without holes, then its time to buy pants. If a child has a growth spurt and nothing fits, its time to do a major shopping trip. Since its spread out over the year like that, I don't really know what I spend.
Depending on the age of your child. If your child is young, shop at places like Target or Gap. They are reasonable prices and stylish clothing. You should spend about $200-$250 on clothes. If your child is a teenager, shop at places like Hollister and Abercrombie & Fitch and spend about $150-$200. The clothes are expensive but it's what all teens are wearing these days. Also, have your child start earning a weekly allowance to pay for some of it.
My son is home schooled and he wears sports shorts and T shirts year round in school. He likes American Eagle and other name brands but will wear generic brands around the house. He likes name brand shoes, but wears his Rainbows most of the summer so his other shoes last awhile.
I'm sure we would spend more than $700. if he were in public or private school but that is about what we spend on clothes for the year.
I have always found "back to school" shopping a bit odd.
Clothing should be bought when needed, worn out, or outgrown.
Simply look in your closet, and see what you can add to make new outfits by adding a few items to mix, and match with your present wardrobe.
Then watch the sales, or clearances during the year to keep your wardrobe updated.
For now only buy what you really need.

A few places to look for items are Macy's, Burlington Coat, or any other outlet that carry the better clothing for a reduced price.
Well, half the time, I do "school" in my pyjamas so I don't cost my parents much in school clothes!

Actually I don't cost my parents much in clothes at all - I *HATE* clothes shopping (am I the only teenaged girl who doesn't love to shop, lol). I live in shorts and vests so I just bag my sisters' and cousins' cast offs. Or I 'borrow' their clothes and that's the last they see of them until they get the clothes back about 6 months later and usually full of holes by that stage.
i don't know about the money part, but i love target, old navy and aeropastale. hollister's good too.
how old.4-5 $100 6-8 $150 9- up 200
LOL is this a course you are teaching in your homeschooling or did you, along with about twenty others over the last few days, miscategorize your question?
Think about it, wouldn't you get a much better response, in, oh, say, just off the top of my head here, perhaps, FASHION?
Really, i was just taking a stab in the dark, I could be wrong...

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