I have a highschool question?! please answer?

Question:if you fail 6 classes does that mean you get left back i didn't get a letter saying i did

In high school (US) your grade is determined by how many credits you have. You'll probably just have to make up the classes. No one really notices they've been "left back" until senior year and suddenly they're not graduating.
the no child left behind act was passed. u will most likely be given a choice if u wanna stay back or procceed
well it depends how many times u've failed, but if u didn't get a letter, u shouldn't have failed.
obviously it would...how can you move up a grade when you haven't passed one class?
I'll tell you how it is in our state. Your state may be different. If you are a freshman, and you fail English I, you are considered a freshman the next year. If you pass English I, but fail other subjects, you are considered a Sophomore but will need to get your 28 credits before graduating. We are on block system and can get 4 credits a semester, 8 a year x 4 years equals 32 credits. You can fail 4 classes and still get your credits by your Senior year unless the subject you fail is English and/or you do not get your required number of math and science credits.
It is tough on high school students because they are usually passed on from from grade to grade until they hit the high school years. Then it is a whole new ball game. Different rules all together.
Yeah you do have to repeat the grade over again.

When you do you should try studying more better.

I don't think I have ever heard of anybody failing six classes. This really shocked me.
I think it's different for different states, but I know that my high school didn't hold kids back, but if you didn't aquire 220 credits by senior year, you couldn't graduate until they were all completed.
if you failed six classes, should you really be going ahead to the next grade? I think you should be staying in the same grade and repeating your classes. If you failed that means you didn't learn what you were supposed to. And you should repeat, and learn what you need to, before moving on. It's not going to help you later on, just skipping ahead and not learning.
Did you notice this is the homeschooling section?

Maybe you should consider homeschooling, you might actually learn the material.
Yes, you normally take 6 classes a year, so if you fail all your classes then you would get left back a grade level. Some schools don't send letters stating if you are going to be left back or not.
i don't know. are you failing...?
My niece home schools only for two hours and day and does to the homework herself and the tests. I also had a girlfriend who did the same and I don't it is right. I'm not so sure about home schooling. How do they know who does the home work or takes the tests? I'm sure there are some good home schools who do it properly but In most cases I think it is questionable. I hate going on vacation in late September to the beach to be covered with kids being home schooled. Do they not have a regular school schedule???

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