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Question:if you fail 2 classes in freshman year are you allow to decide whether you want to retake them in sophmore year or senior year

It depends on the courses and your schools requirements.

For example, if you fail English 1 as a Freshman, you can not enroll in English 2, 3, etc.. until you've met that requirement...

The same is true for Algebra 1.

And, some courses are labeled as 'freshmen' courses in some schools, which mean they would expect you to finish them in your freshman year.. or make them up ASAP after you've failed them.

Check with your high school counselor about the specific courses you are needing to retake.
You better retake them as soon as you can before graduation.
It depends on the class. If completion is required only for graduation, you can take them during any year after freshman year. However, most classes require a passing grade from the previous year. For example, if you failed English 1, you can't go onto English 2 and then make up English 1 later. You must finish 1 before moving on.
Valerie - this is the homeschool section. Most of our kids don't fail because we expect "mastery" of a subject before we move on. The public schools have a calendar to stick to and they have to move on, whether anyone gets it or not.

If you are concerned about this, talk to your school counselor. Maybe you can make up the two (or, is it six? your previous questions both said six) classes in summer school.
This is the homeschool section. Most of our kids don't fail because we teach them, and if they don't understand we explain it again a different way, and this curriculum isn't working for them we switch to another, and we keep trying until they understand.
In my homeschool if my child gets a failing grade on an assignment they re-do it. So when the final grading is done it is never an F.

However, since you are obviously not homeschooled, you can probably retake the classes when you want, depending on what they are. If it is something like math you will have to retake it right away so you can move forward to the next level. Regardless, the sooner the better KWIM?
Yes, but sometimes your councilor will make the permanent choice.
You have asked a similar question now three times, and gone from six failed classes to two.
The answers will still be the same, if you failed the classes you will have to retake them sometime during your high school years.
Depending on the classes you failed, you may not be able to take others unless you have passed the previous ones, so summer school could also be an option.

Since this is a home school forum, and many of us do not keep up with conventional school requirements don't you think these questions could be better answered by your school counselor?
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to graduate u need so many credits i would check with your counselor at school
I don't know.
OK do your class again so that way you balance out you resume for college.

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