I have a highschool question?! please answer?

Question:if you fail 6 classes does that mean you get left back i didn't get a letter saying i did

You're going to have to take the classes over before you graduate
You might be declined to classes when you sign up for the classes you want for the upcoming year. If they don't do anything then just try to go into the next year and see what happens. If this is really concerning you then go to the principal or the counseling office or wherever they will help with schedule questions. Good luck.
i believe if you fail more then 3 classes you have to retake that grade all over the next year
If you failed 6 classes does that not imply that you failed the whole grade level?
If so, yes you will have to retake them.
didn't you already ask this question?
i thought you said you failed 2 classes. wow baby. 6 it think you may get left back. first day. i bet they wll tell you. sorry but it is true. lol

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