Does anyone go to online highschool? Pro's and Con's?

Question:I'm thinking about going to an online high school. Do you like it?

better than traditional home school. Most of my classes are online, and I find that I can decide whether I want to communicate with students or not and which ones. Also, it makes research easier, just open a new tab or window and research away. But there are many distractions online, and if u are a horrible procrastinator like me, you will find yourself giving time to these distractions instead of school work. And it can get boring, like any form of homeschool. But overall, I say try online school, it'll prepare u for college and future jobs and stuff. plus, no need to drive all the way to school! I say this because my homeschool is more than an hour's drive away =)

if u have any questions, email me and I'll try helping you..good luck with whatever u choose.
con some say they are no good. You need to be able to self motivate yourself
pro you don't have to go to the other side of town every day, you will save time
there are a few here, links at the top
I'd say go for it, it's the future.
My son enjoys online high school.
It's the best thing we done.
there are a few good ones.
My son goes to IQ Academy out of Wisconsin.
But you could go to for high school also.
Yes. Pros: You work at your own pace. You can take time off when you feel like it. You can get extra help. Cons: You have to be motivated to not fall behind, you have to reach a teacher by email or phone for a question (usually) and in some cases it takes a while, if you are really social, you might not like learning by yourself. For me, I'm a fast learner, so I enjoy finishing a course in a couple months and starting new ones. I like going at a faster pace, so online school is right for me.
There are pros and cons to this program as you have read from the answers. The real question you might ask is how do you learn best? Some people are computer literate and learn by reading and answering questions but some need the hands on of doing the work like science experiments. Then there are other people who need the human interaction and work best in the context of a class or with a parent/tutor challenging them. How do you best retain info? Once you have been able to answer these questions, you will have a better feel for whether this is a good fit for you.

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