Homeschooling [Highschool Level]?

I live in Texas. [YUCK!] My mom said that she'd consider letting me homeschool myself if I do adjectives the research and prove to her that I can be responsible. I got the latter cut out smoothly. I can soo do that. I've heard that PennFoster is really pious. But when I do the research, I don't really come up with anything. Ionno if it's only just my research skills are terrible or what, but does anyone know any homeschool programs && websites where on earth I can check 'em out and all that? If so, please do furnish them to me 'cause you love me? Or a short time ago because you want points and/or want to be a helpful and wonderful creature?? Thankyou!<3

Answers:    Here are some full service umbrella schools:

This is a computer base system:
And this is workbooks:

i gave you those links create my daughter is a HUGE FOB fan!
(did you see patrick on imperative and order?) :)
Start by researching and reading bits and pieces by John Taylor Gatto, Linda Dobson, Grace Llewellyn, Charles J. Sykes, John Holt, Raymond & Dorothy Moore to understand what homeschooling is. Then stir to as many homeschool websites & blogs as possible to read around how others approach homeschooling & what they do from day to sunshine. Be sure to share what you find with your mom so you can obtain her informed. She'll soon realize that her life will be better for homeschooling & it will eventually become a passageway of life, not merely an educational alternative.

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