Any FREE online distance learning for international worldwide?

Question:Such as like: There's a courses from the US, and the another one from UK and next to Japan respectively... and so on?
There so many various of online courses but I don't figure much they are proved international, because I am from Hong Kong, I know some a little from HK, however wish to have more different kind of listing to choose. Need your help. Thank You Very Much!^__^

K12 is not free and in most cases doesn't qualify as homeschool (unless you pay for it).. it is a VIRTUAL public school program offered in some states, paid by tax dollars. It would not benefit someone in HK. Sorry.

I do agree.. there probably isn't anything that would be considered "international", certified and approved in all countries. On the other hand, you can learn just about everything except degreed specialized professions (doctor, lawyer etc.), online at little to no charge. The list of classes and courses area endless. is free! and academically challenging. is inexpensive and can or can not be religious based, you choose the program.
Yes, there are many courses available for free, e.g.:
I don't think so.

The ultimate international syllabus would probably have to be the IB (International Baccalaureate: but you have to attend a school that has signed up to their programme (called an IB World School). There are 14 IB World Schools in Hong Kong and you can see the full list at:

You can't get the diploma as an independent candidate, however you can buy the course materials, workbooks etc and follow their international syllabus as a homeschooler. That is what I am doing with a couple of their courses.

I think there are also such programmes as International A Levels but I have no idea the extent of the international aspect of their syllabus.

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