High school musical2?

Question:where can i see high school musical2

Well, you can watch it tonight on Disney Channel @ 8:00 or any other night this week at the same time. They play the movies over and over the first week they come out. It gets a little aggravating sometimes, but I bet I'll wanna watch this one a million times! Oh, Disney Channel is on basic cable so if you don't have that channel, ask a friend to tape it for you or see if you can watch it with a friend. It's not in theatres.

Good Luck ;)
On tv?
disney channel only
Disney channel tonight at 8:00 or 9:00
Only on the Disney Channel until they decide to release it on DVD
what has this to do with home schooling?
disney channel only or buy the dvd/vcd after the appearance on the television
Disney Channel!
is it really becoming too much of an effort to actually check which category you are in.? (you being a collective you covering all the off topic people lately)

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