Any good tips on your first day of high school i start in september and im hell nervouse??

be yourself! Don't pretend to be someone else. People will forget who the real you is. Then you might even forget who the real you is. High school is as fun as you make it! I'll be a junior this year and I remember first day of freshmen year... don't worry! Everyone feels the same way. You will make tonnnnnns of new friends!!
Relax and be yourself. Don't try hard to "be cool" or to show off. Just be you, potential friends will like you for you, and those who don't wouldn't make good friends anyway. :-)
yea dude think you school as your second home i mean it kindda is considering that we all go there all the time dont think it of as a job think of it as a second home. i am homeschooled but i been to middle school and i have stepped foot in a highschool but it is no different from any other time you go to school.
Lol, i`m a Sophmore now and last year the first day I felt so little and nervous the entire day. But, after a while you get to know people and make lots of friends. Dont worry about it! Highschool is so much fun!
1) Know it's okay to be nervous. Just accept it and you won't feel as nervous!

2) As others have said, be yourself.

3) Be observant. Think of it as going to a new country: you'd take the time to kind of see how people do things, right? It's an adventure; let it be one.
Don't be nervous, it'll be great! The biggest advice I could give you would be to get involved. Find a club you're interested in, it'll help you get to know new people, make friends, and have something fun to do. Oh, and totally be yourself, nothing is worse than being fake to get friends and then never feeling like you can really be you around them. Don't worry and good luck!
Dont be afraid you will be fine !! Just go in there like you own the place and you will have no problems!!!

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