....... you want to go back to schooll or stay homeee??????

Question:juss curious i want to go bac to schoool so badlyyyyyyyy

Depends.... If you have alots of things that you miss at school, then you would like to go back to school as soon as possible. Sometimes there are just some other reasons that makes you want to stay away from home, such as family matters.
I would want to go back to school if i was going back into year 8. But i'm not. i'm going into year 9 with a class of none of my friends and i am really dreading it. REALLY.
But a bit of me still wants to go back to see my friends and do something with myself rather than sitting here at home
You know what? I never gave my children the choice. I am the parent, and I decide how they will be educated. That is just the way it is.

It is much easier to be homeschooled if that is all you know. Kids in public schools end up being peer-dependent, and it is bad for them. Homeschoolers learn to entertain themselves and relate to kids of varying ages. Public school kids don't. It's too bad.
I can't wait to go back first I got a 2 week TKD tournament in L.A. and then off to school so I can J-down
As a home educated teenager (albeit one who is rarely 'at home'), stay home.

I feel for kids who think they have to go to school to have something to do...there's a whole world of 'things to do' happening right under your noses if only you would take the initiative and put yourselves out there; break the pattern of spoonfeeding that (scaringly) seems to exist so often in school dependent kids, no doubt a side effect of the inevitable institutionalisation that comes from 'going to school'.

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