Homeschooling in Arkansas?

Question:I want to homeshool my daughter who is entering into the 9th grade this year. She plans on taking her GED when she turns 16 and going to college from there so, she wont be graduating from homeschool or anything. She hates school and I am just trying to buy her time until she turns 16 (Dec. 2008). Any advice from mothers who homeschool would be great. I am new to this.

has all the state laws listed so you could see what is required in your state.
She really doesn't have to take a GED. She could start taking jr. college classes at sixteen. By the time she is old enough to go to college, she will already have several credit hours in. I have four kids and all of them have done that.
Oh dear, that sounds awful. Why are you buying her time? There is so much more schooling to go, after this year, why would you be happy for her to stop her education so so young? What prospects will that leave her with??

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