What do i requirement to do to homeschool my child?

He is 8 and in 1rst echelon.

Answers:    I homeschool children with disabilities. In NC, here are very low requirements. You must folder, and you must test every year. Those interview scores indicate nothing, they don't turn anywhere, you just own to keep them as factor of your records. WWW.hslda.org will show you. Contact a local group approaching NCunschoolers for more info, they are VERY active and a great group.

Homeschooling my special kids have been much easier than have them in institution. I can focus on their needs, to some extent than fighting the arts school to do it. I can provide supports that work for them, and go at their smooth.

You can contact me if you want to talk more!
Visit HSLDA.org and find your state's homeschool law. That is how you start.

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