Homeschool Moms-- be honest now.?

Question:Are you all looking forward to the neighbor kids going back to public school? I am waiting on the day they leave. All the stores are easier to navigate. The days are quiet. The parks are almost empty and available for use without all that cursing and rowdiness. The amusement parks are less busy. The library is no longer a zoo.
I know this sounds terrible, but I yearn for the public school kids to return to school each year just so we can get on with our homeschooling in peace.

Goodness, YES! We try to avoid going out when obnoxious public school kids are out and about, running in the stores, being loud, and giving their parents a hard time. We LOVE back-to-school time!!

Don't feel bad about being happy when public schools go back in session! Our children receive a better education and are much better behaved than public school kids... why SHOULD we have to "put up" with everyone else's kids when we go out?
My homeschooling group always throws a "Not Back to School" party to celebrate that they are all going back to school and we don't.
Oh YEAH! Buh-bye kiddos!
Honestly...yeah :-)

But I know that their parents are happy for them to be back in school as well!
As a public schooling mom, I get to have to deal with rowdy, obnoxious, socially inept homeschooled children in the stores, libraries, etc. during hours when children SHOULD be in school. I just *wish* I had an opportunity to be rid of them. How lucky you are.
Actually the sad part here is we know that there are a lot of children in the neighborhood, but we see few, if any of them.
They are in summer programs, summer school, daycare, and what ever other program you can think of because the parents work all day.
If we see a few children in the evening, on a walk we are, well pleasantly surprised.

We always shop early in the morning so that is the same year round.

I am glad we have so many activities with the home school groups, like bowling, swimming, skating, field trips, and play dates with their friends, because no matter if school is in, or out, they rarely, if ever see one of their friends that goes to school, and may only live two or three doors down.
When school is in it's no different, before, and after school programs, or extra organized activities prevent these children from "socializing".
I am not homeschooled...anymore.and I'm not really looking forward to school. It's nice to be by alot other teens my age I guess, but the problem is all that rowdiness has to go somewhere. Unfortentaully for me it all goes to school, where I have to be all day long.

My mom had to stop because there are seven of us in our family (the three youngest were never homeschooled). I guess it got too hard for her to continue. I do really wish I was still homeschooled, it was so much more fun and I just feel completely ignored by alot of teachers at my school.
well being a strait A public school teen my best friend is home schooled shes just the same as me sounds like the home schooling moms are being snobby. your kids are no in any way different than every other kid in this world its just how there born i think that you guys only pay attention to the bad side of things like the people on the news so i rec amend that you get your nose out of the air.
Yes. :)

Our neighbourhood has been super quiet this summer, so having the neighbourhood kids gone doesn't really matter much. They seem to be more annoying after school than during the summer.

But yes, I'm looking forward to some favourite places having fewer kids, for sure! Swimming pools, field trip spots, stores...
I couldn't agree more. While it's nice to have other kids around, I wonder about the morals of many of them. It certainly is a joy to have the park or library or playground to ourselves again. Of course, by the end of the school year, I'm waiting for them to finish so my kids can have someone else to play with at the empty park or playground!

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