Homeschooling tests help with college.?

Question:I am going in 11th grade,after i am done with my homeschool i am planing on going to a college for game programing.And would like to know what tests will i have to take after i am done with my homeschooling.Or is there any tests? Thanks

Many colleges are eager to accept homeschool graduates. With the exception of a few schools, homeschoolers basically need to meet the same requirements as do graduates from traditional public or private schools.

First, your parents need to create a transcript for you. They can also create a diploma but most universities do not require them from homeschool graduates. There are many templates for both types of document online. Many curriculum compaies offer "graduation kits" as well.

You may also want to put together a portfolio of work samples if you have them available just as a back up.

Other than that, you just need to take the standard college placement test(s) SAT and/or ACT.
Depends on the college. Most will want either the SAT or the ACT. You'll need to check with whatever college you plan to attend. Most colleges and universities now have criteria for homeschoolers, so you should begin now to find out what they will want from you.

Depending on what state you're in, you may need to pass a state "exit" exam, given to all graduating students usually beginning in junior year. Some states require homeschoolers to pass, others don't - you'll need to check the laws of whatever state you are in.
Take the SAT or ACT. Get a test prep book to study first. You might also want to consider a AP exam in math, if the college you plan to go to requires a foreign language, then take an AP exam in that if you studied one, and if you didn't take it at Community College. AP and CLEP exams are not usually necessary, but can be helpful in getting into college. The SAT or ACT (depending on which one the college you apply to requires) are the most important.
Go to the library and get study books on the SAT and the ACT. You may want to try your local public school for discarded study instructions/CD's for those test.
Our library also has the Standard Deviants videos that give hints concerning the SAT.
Go to your local community college and get a sample of their placement test.
These will be great study tools for you to know what to expect on the ACT or SAT that most colleges require.
Then...schedule to take the test. I think it is expensive and that's the reason I suggest that you use free resources before you get to that point.
As far as homeschooling, in our state it is all up to the parent. We, the parents, issue a high school diploma when our child, the student, is at the level we think is necessary to go on to other education or get a job.
Start taking classes now. Start with simple ones like composition 101 or Speech 101 or college algebra. Just the freshman beginners classes. By the time you go to college, you will have credit hours in, and will not have to take an entrance exam. You can usually do night classes that meet once or twice a week. After you get 12-16 hours or 3-4 classes you automatically qualify for college with no entrance exam.
You talking about full time college.

Some require the ACT or SAT tests.

In any event you will have to take a Math and English placement test at the college that determines if they put you in the baby courses or College Math and College Grammar.

If they place you in the baby courses you will have to make up those 6 credits to graduate. Those don't count. They want Math 1 and 2 and English 1 and 2, not Math 21 or English 21

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