Can any one help me on homeschooling in USA and various groups in the field currently?

Question:please help me on price list also

I am not sure about what exactly you want to know. Legal info on homeschooling can be found at

Resources can be found at:

Another great and free resource is the Public Library.

If you were not actually looking for this info, but were looking for what people would pay for you to tutor their kids, then I really don't know.
Are you looking into homeschooling and want to know what it would take? If so, hoamsch1 gave some great resources. The only other thing I would suggest is googling the name of your city/county and "homeschool group" to contact folks with specific info about your area.

Or are you looking for some sort of demographics? If so, please specify and we'll try to help you :-)
you MUST be a member of the HSLDA in the event that some wacko sues you or tries to bc/ you home school your kid!
Ignore ZeekEek. You do not HAVE to become a member of HSLDA - hundreds of thousands of homeschoolers are doing just fine without them. If you would feel more comfortable, or if you are in a state with complex or difficult standards and laws, you should join *either* HSLDA or your state group (doesn't really matter which you join - either will represent you if you need legal assistance).

I agree that the best source of information is NOT Y!A. Find a local homeschool group and ask them whatever you want or need to know. They will be much more helpful (and accurate) than this board.

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