Any colleges in chicago that give current homeschooled students courses as extra curruculars?

Question:Will be homeschooled but need something to do in sparetime. Live in chicago. mom says i ave to be 18 to get into any kind of college.

Northwestern University's Center for Talented Youth has this program, but you have to qualify:
You don't have to be 18 to go to college for starters - check into that yourself.

You can go to your local community college and start school whenever you want. I took business law @ 14. I had to have my parents permission - which I got (actually my dad did that class with me). But I also too psychology that semester as well.
You can take on line courses, or the supplementary courses that colleges offer.

I live in Indiana near Chicago, and I have received lots of information on different opportunities. However, I think the school gives out my name because I'm in all of the honors classes, but you could check out the websites for information.
The 18 rule may be your mom's, but most community colleges (and many universities) have no problem enrolling minors that can handle the work. You have to pass the entrance exam and show proof that you can do it, of course, but most colleges (and nearly all cc's) will allow you to take courses through concurrent enrollment.

My son will start concurrent enrollment at 14, and will most likely be taking classes at a local university by 15 or 16.
Chicago proper? Or Chicagoland area?

I know that some of our homeschoolers from the area have gone to CLC in Grayslake in Lake County. If you are close to there...

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