Feild/seed wheat berries same as berries for bread-making flour?

Question:Feild/seed wheat berries same as berries for bread-making flour?
I've never ground my own berries...co-op in my area sells "feild or seed wheat", but they have no idea if this is the same wheat for making flour. I don't want to buy a 50 lb bag and hand-grind the wheat just to find out that it tastes like grass seed!

(I know this is food question...but nobody is responding in that area)

I found this info regarding wheat and wheat production that might help:
From it:
A kernel of wheat is sometimes called the wheat berry. The kernel is the seed from which the wheat plant grows. Each tiny seed contains three distinct parts that are separated during the milling process to produce flour.
White flour is made of just the endosperm of the kernel.
The entire kernel is used to make whole wheat flour.
(from pages 9 and 10)

Its actually a very informative set of educational pages regarding wheat growth/production etc. Anyhow - hope this helps!
wheat for bread making comes from the seed found in the ear of the wheat plant. They are not berries. They look oval and narrowly plump.
I would seek more information from the retailer to find out their source and make enquiries that way.
Sorry not to be more help, but that's all I can say without more info.

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