Question:This is a question to everyone out there being homeschooled. Do you like it, and what are the advantages / disadvantages?

We absolutely love the advantages of being a homeschool family. We're able to set our own schedule. Each child can study topics that actually interest them. We can present new material in ways that compliment their learning style. The kids are able to participate in a myriad of extra-curriculur activities. Our children love learning.

The only disadvantage I can think of is dealing with people (like a few of the posters above) who have no knowledge or facts to support their opinion on the subject.
pro: your time, never late

cons: no friends
I used to be homeschooled I just liked it cuz I would sleep a little later, and it's easier to learn from my parents then teachers at a school who have 30 kids to teach.
No friends and no guarantees that your teacher knows what the hell they're talking about.
My friend tried homeschooling 3 of her kids. Both her and her husband work full time.
1 is going to college...she was able to focus at home. (20 yo)
The 2nd one couldn't focus and is going for her GED.(17)
The 3rd one wants to go back to school cause he's bored at home. He wants to be with his friends. (13)
Talk about mixed opinions.
My children homeschool. My 6yo can only say that he likes it and that he doesn't want to go to school. My almost 10yo says she likes it, doesn't want to go to school, and can not think of a single disadvantage. Advantages she cites are being able to learn things you enjoy, being able to learn things earlier than you might learn them in school, being able to put things aside if they're too frustrating and come back to them when you've calmed down, being able to spend lots of time reading and writing (two of her passions), not having to sit in the same desk most of the time, not being bullied, not having to be around students who waste everybody's time (she was in a group music lesson at one point and had that experience each time with one girl).

To those who say a disadvantage is you have no friends, that depends entirely on how the parents go about homeschooling. My daughter has friends, some she sees at least a few times a week, others less often. She has one friend who had moved away for a while and when the family moved back, the two picked up their relationship as though she'd never been gone. The bonds homeschooled kids can make can be just as strong as bonds kids in school make.
A lot depends on you, your supervisors and the system you use.

Some people end up dreadfully behind. Others get into college at the age of 15 or 16.

One kid won the national Spelling B on tv.

If you're not motivated and a self-starter it won't work.

You have to be the kind of a person that completes a 20 week Geometry course in 14 weeks and knows it!
i was homeschooled. advantages..i finished a year and half earlier if i was in public school. did it at my own pace. could get a full time job (its hard to get a full time job while in public school). slept in.
all my friends were already homeschooled, so we would help each other on it and hang out alot more.
so not having friends werent a disadvantage to me.
i cant think of any disadvantages at the moment.
I'm homeschooled..I love it:

Pros: More free time, less homework, work at your own pace, get advanced fasterand easier, online courses, more less hours at school a day, in the comfort of you own home.

Cons: Classes may not be everyday depending on set up, less friends unless coming from a school where you had friends before

In my opinion homeschool is alot easier I go to school 3 hours less than my old school and on top of that I might graduate a semseter to a year early!

Good luck with you decision!
I'm not homeschooled but thought i would answer this question anyway.

Cons- u might fall behind and not meet friends, your all alone with out people your own age to socialise with- snt learn how to debate or compete in a dog eat dog world

Pros- learn without worrying about peers and health and safety and all that rubbish- freedom to learn how you learn best etc
I love homeschooling my children. I have a 4th and 7th grader. There is nothing like having yourself be the teacher of everything your children need to know. It has brought my children and myself closer than we have ever been. We use the untraditional methods. They go to bed late and get up late. They do their work after they wake up and then have the rest of the day to do whatever they wish. I like our schooling to be very relaxed and I have found that my kids work harder when they aren't constantly harrassed about "it's 10am so it's math time" I just tell them what needs done every day and they do it. If they finish in 2 hours great but it's also ok to take 6 hours. Some say the disadvantage is that they will be socially unacceptable. I have to say whatever to that. My kids play sports, are in 4H, and have a neighborhood of people to interact with.
I enjoy being homeschooled. Infact, I chose to be homeschooled instead of going o regular public school. I get more done in less time. I like that I get to study about the things that I want to study. It's a great way to just learn without having to worry about 30 other kids.
there are a lot of advantages and not so many disadvantages. homeschooling is good for me and for a lot of people! i like it. the advantages are: you can go at your on pace, you can suppliment and learn more, you can work your schedule around work, sports, etc...and a lot of colleges are searching for homeschoolers because they are most likely to have more self-control. the disadvantages are: you don't have complete interaction with the world and people, but that can be fixed by finding your own activities. all the disadvantages can be replaced with advantages! besides the best part is you do not have to put up with all the immorality of the world
i LOVE being homeschooled =]

my biggest pet peeve is wasting time, and i felt like that's exactly what we did in school. talk for the first 20 minutes of class, do 15 minutes of work, talk for the last 15 minutes of class, bell rings! next class.

i hated that.

i like being homeschooled because i can sleep in, schedule my own schedule, eat when i want, sleep when i want, take a break when i want. and get at least twice as much work done in half the time the kids at school do.

and i still see everyone after school gets out =]

i guess you'd have to be really self-motivated tho, with no one there to kick you in the azz and tell you to do your work.
I'm 15 and I've always been homeschooled and I like it.


1. More time

2. I spend a lot more time with my family and therefore I'm closer to them

3. Colleges seek out homeschoolers

4. It's taught me self discipline

5. It's taught me respect

6. I've been given an excellent education

7. I've had some say of what I've been learning

8. I'm kept away from dangerous and harmful situatuions and people

9. I have a teacher that actually cares about me, loves me, wants what's best for me and for me to be successful

10. I can take a special interest in something I really like
I can work at a pace so when I learn something I actually learn something, in other words it's not being shoved down my throat just so I can spit it back up on a test

11. I can work anywhere so I'm given many oppurtunities to travel

12. I'm taught how to manage a household and have been taught how to have many responsibilities

13. I have great friends that my parents know and trust

14. I have my parents trust


1. I have to debate everyday why homeschooling is better

2. Sometimes being with my famly 24-7 is very annoying

3. And I would like to try cheerleading lol

that's about it!

And btw- people are always very impressed with me and how I carry myself and the education I hold.

Good Luck!

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