I am looking for a home-school tutor. I will be a 10th grader, need a tutor to teach all subjects. Any help?

Question:my courses are: grade 10 english level 1, world history 2 level 1, french 2 level 1, geometry level 1, and chemistry level 1

i need a tutor to come to my house 4-5 times a week.
i live in massachusetts

any help would be much appreciated!! thanks

Have your parent/guardian contact your public school. Many states are required to send teachers to the homes of students who are medically unable to go to school.
I remember a quote from years ago that stated ' the best teacher is life itself, when missing on life, learn it '. Other than French, there are numerous books in the library that will teach you all you need to know on just about any subject. Maybe French too. If you have problems with your local library just get on the computer and ask the librarian any questions you have at the Library of Congress' website: www.loc.gov. In my opinion anyway.
Why don't you enroll in online classes? The tutors are virtual, but it is all "on your own time" which means you are flexible to do your work when and where you desire, and it is far less expensive than hiring a private tutor. Usually they are very good about getting back with your emails, and you can post work online and get feedback from other kids.
Honestly, this will be extremely expensive. There are tutors that do this, and if your family is in a position to pay for it, I would call a tutoring center or the leader of a local homeschool group and see if they have anyone they can refer you to.

A less expensive option (if a full-time tutor isn't feasible) would be a curriculum that teaches you by DVD or online classroom. BJU Press and A Beka both offer this, and I believe some other curricula do as well. Here are their websites:

There are also online schools (Keystone, Penn Foster, etc.) that offer online classes.

Hope that helps!
My name is Mo (short for Maureen) & I just moved to the Boston area this past Sunday. For the past couple of years I've taught at Clonlara School in Ann Arbor, MI (check it out - www.Clonlara.org) at the middle and high-school levels. My fiance Jeremy taught at the high school level. We are in the process of establishing our own tutoring/educational consultancy business, and between the two of us we teach every subject you're looking to be tutored in. We are located in Wrentham - where are you? (I'm still learning my way around MA!) Email me back if you're interested. Take care! ~mo
Woah, are your parents rich? Because that's going to cost you!! If you really aren't able to learn the material on your own from the books and your parents can't help you, try looking at some online schools. You'll be able to get teacher support without paying nearly as much as a minimum of 4 hours a week for 9 months.
Don't restrict yourself to massachusetts, or even the US for that matter. Try online tutoring. Then you can have a worldwide choice of tutors. And its cheaper than hiring a private tutor. Try sites like:
(1) http://www.tuitionplaza.com/tutoring/... - tutoring by retired teachers and volunteers (free)
(2) http://ww.tutor.com - tutoring by professional tutors (not free)
... and many more (use search engine!).
Think outside the box and you'll have more options.

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