How do I start the whole home school process?

Question:I'm from Arizona and I am 21 years old and have a 6 year old sister who is in first grade. She is really advanced for her age and is in the gifted program and all but I feel like she is not moving at a pace she needs. So I was wondering If i could home school her or does it have to be our mom. And I don't know where to start. Do I notify the school. I was thinking of starting next semester and am trying to do research.Please help if you have any information.

It doesn't have to be your mom that teaches her, though she should probably oversee the whole thing - help pick out curriculum, and probably work with you in setting benchmark goals for the semester/year. There's no problem with you teaching her, though.

Here's info about homeschooling in Arizona:
There's both a chart with brief info on the regulations and a link to a .pdf file that gives a full legal analysis. The only regulation is that you have to file an affidavit with the state, just notifying them that you are homeschooling. This should be signed by your mom (even if you're going to be the primary teacher).

There are some great curricula out there, everything from workbooks to hands-on activities and unit studies. Here are some of my favorite sites:

That should get you started :-)

Your affidavit should be notification enough, but you may still want to just send a letter to the school (again, signed by your mom) letting them know that your sister is being withdrawn to be homeschooled. This is perfectly legal, but will prevent a truancy officer showing up at your door in case the state doesn't notify the school.

Hope that helps!
You have to learn the rules and regulations for your state.

Decide what you can and can't do (California, for example, wan't and "accredited" program) and then find what fits the model.

Some areas are liberal, some are not.

There is VIRTUAL SCHOOL on the computer

School in a Box from sources you buy it from (and some may NOT be acceptable in say California)

There is free form teaching materials (books you can buy from Amazon, or the thrift store).

There is unschooling ( use of hobbies).

There is a combination of all of these.

Most depends on what is legal for your state.

What is affordable to you
Look into the laws in your state of course...

Check out Calvert School. It's what my parents used since I was not learning enough in school. They have the option of using one of their teachers to mail school work to. It's a great program.

There are a lot of options out there so just start searching around!

Good luck!
The parent or legal guardian is the one who has to oversee the homeschooling, but that doesn't mean that the day to day teaching can't be done by someone else.

Check out for info on the laws about homeschooling.

Here are some great places to look for resources,

Also, I recommend reading "The Well Trained Mind" and "A Charlotte Mason Companion". I don't recommend following either book to the "T", but rather using them as general guides to get started while you are finding out what works best for you and your sister.
I went and checked the laws for you and here is what I found:

The only thing you (your Mom actually) needs to do is inform the School Board within 30 days of your Intent to Homeschool. Now your Mom can let you do the teaching if she is comfortable with that, but she will have to know EXACTLY what you are teaching your sister and how in case you get pulled in for a Portfolio Review (consider it 'Ghost Teaching').
Now according to what I read, at this time there are no REQUIRED Tests or Recordkeeping...but as an experienced Homeschooling Mom, I must warn you to keep everything and anything sis does and DATE it...including a calendar with her attendance circled on it.
You can check everything at (this will only give you basics), or type Arizona Homeschool Laws in your google bar.

I wish you all the best.
i use k12 best program here fun outtings teachers check us out we also have a program for gifted kids this is your program it is free check it out iam in az and love the program
Your sister's legal gaurdian has to file an affadavit of intent to home school and a copy of her birth certificate with the local superintendent. Her homeschooling program would have to cover reading, grammar, math social studies and science. There are no other requirements in Arizona.

I would suggest that you talk to your local and state homeschooling groups before you get started. Depending upon the attitudes of the local and state education authorities, your family might want to joind HSLDA before filing the affidavit.

The HSLDA website is:

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