Does anyone kno?

Question:i have a cuzin who needs help with a problem with school she droped out now she wants to get her ged do ya kno where she can get her ged and wont take no more than 4 months and that is not online

The GED is actually high school level, "Individuals who obtain scores high enough to pass the GED 2002 Series Tests outperform approximately two out of every five of today's high schools seniors." That translates to just below average of all high school seniors' performance (not graduates) - no more. Those who take college courses, AP classes, etc., would find the GED about their 9th grade level).

Many high schools and junior colleges actually offer classes to help prepare for the GED. She needs to check with them. They are usually short term. There are also many districts with alternative ed programs that help drop outs get their regular diploma. Have her check with the local schools and find out her options for your area.

The GED was originally designed for young men who dropped out of school to commit to military service.

It is a noble purpose, but not seen as a true equivalent to completing high school by many employers, including the military. With a GED you will enter at a lower pay grade than a diplomad recruit. It isn't popular to say that, but it is true none the less. I used to hire for a company, GEDs had to have more going for them than a high school diploma'd candidate. And, I know of actual recruits who graduated from homeschooling, took the GED and once it was found they had taken the GED were changed from diploma'd status to GED status and entered at a lower pay scale.

Sorry if that hurts anyones feelings, but people considering the GED need to know that finishing high school whether through a public school, home school, or other method is the better choice.

Here's some reading to do on the GED:
The GED test is often at a higher level of academics than a regular high school diploma, so the best choice would be to practice for a while.
These web sites will let you do that.

You can also go to your local library, and check ou the latest GED preparation manual, this will help you with studying, and test taking skills.
As for the length of the time it will take to prepare, or take the test, I have no idea.

When you are ready, call your local school district, or Office of Public Instruction at the ste level, and find out where, and when the test are given, sign up and well -- good luck--
college some high schools offer classess at night
I wouldn't waste time on a GED Just enroll in some night classes at the local jr college.
how old was your cousin and how many more credits does she have? i can give you lots of tips but i don't want to put all the information out there. emailing me will work. i think i may be able to help
Tell her she should be able to just call the local BOE and find out about the ABE ( Adult Basic Ed ) classes. They should be able to tell her where they have them and what she will need to do to study/take the test.
You should stop worrying about your cousin and spend some time learning to write in English.

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