Does anyone know anything more or less the "Virtual Homeschool International" ??

Is it an actual homeschooling site? with grades and everything? or is it newly a fake conservatory to get your money?
adjectives answers welcome =]

Answers:    I took a look at the site. Itis a resource, not so much a university. Basically what this homeschooling family is doing is taking free internet sites and resources within the public domain and assembling them into a curriculum that you would teach or your student(s)s would follow. . The curriculum area and sequence follows the World Book Encyclopedia's suggested scope and sequence. They said that they do make a payment some original worksheets contained by and there are some text available through them that are not available anywhere else.

There are many curriculum providers doing this contained by one form or another. The Robinson Curriculum and A2 do this as well except surrounded by the instance of Robinson the material have been scan from real books and put onto compact disc. Most of those resources are now available digitally online.

Is it worth the money? They are not charging much. I cogitate it was roughly speaking $20/year. They have done the legwork of assembling the links to free matter on the net. You could create a curriculum approaching this yourself for free. It just depends on if you discern the annual fee is worth it mortal done for you. Is the curriculum a quality one? Mmmmm, they keep hold of too much of it secret astern the sign-in screen to explain to. If you feel the small annual excise wouldn'y be missed if it didn't live up to expectations and you don't have time for the legwork yourself to locate adjectives these free sites, then grant it a try. You may get adequate of a feel for it after a few weeks or months to know if it is a obedient fit.
Have you tried "looking it up?" It's not going to cost you any money unless you leave a cc # or enter into a paypal agreement.
So "yahoo it" or "google it."

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