How to use "attributable to"?

Question:Hi there,
Can anyone tell me how to use the word "attributable to"? Sample sentence will also help in explanation.

Lung cancer is often attributable to smoking.
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That aside, attribute with the suffix -able (attributable) is an adjective, and cannot be used as such to modify a preposition (to). For example, it'd be like using 'blue to' or 'astute to'. As a verb (attribute, attributing, attributed) it can be used with an object:
'to attribute a characteristic to a person'
'attributed to a person a characteristic'
'Attributing a characteristic to a person'.
Additionally, 'attribute' (here a noun) would be used to define a word that particularizes a certain object (a BLUE shirt, attributing the color blue to the shirt).

Hope that helps!

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