I cant talk so what should i do?

Question:i lost the ability to talk during a bike accident i got into. We dont know if i should go to public school or be homeschooled. I'm 14.

Homeschooling is a wonderful option, but not just because you can't talk. Public Schools must make accommodations for your disability, so homeschooling is not your only choice. However homeschooling may be the best choice, you have to decide along with your parents.

And like the others said, you should learn sign language. If the reason you can not talk stems from your vocal chords, and not your mouth another thing you might want to look into is one of those devices (sorry I don't know what they are called) that vibrate your throat to imitate the actions of vocal chords.
try to learn sign language, or draw or do something to cope with you not talking
Soundlike homeschoolign is a good option.
Well, public school would be do-able with an understanding school. You'd have to write what you wanted to say to other people on paper, though, because if you learn sign language, they likely won't.

You might see if there is a public or private school program offered in sign language.

And yes, there's the option of homeschooling. You need to be willing to do the work and find some social outlets. One thing I will say is that you'll probably be more accepted among homeschooled teens than at a regular public high school.

DO learn sign language whatever you choose to do! Important for you and your family, even if they're only on the receiving end of it.
Can you use Sign Language? IF you attend Public/Private school you might be able to get an Interpreter assigned to you thru them.
If you decide with your parents to homeschool, make sure that you find plenty of ways to stay active (PE, Karate, Deaf Theatre,volunteer work,field trips) since all these are available regardless of whether a person can talk or not you will be fine.
Check with your local library for things on Sign Language learning.

Good luck
Before you learn sign language (it can take time), you could get an augmentative communication device. This is an electronic apparatus where you either type your statements and it speaks them for you, or you touch on-screen buttons to make sentences.

They are really expensive. A public school (if you attend) is required to loan this equipment to you. If they offer special services to HS'ed students, then you might be able to use one and still be HS'ed. You need to contact the school's special education department.

Here are some links with examples:

(my DD uses a MiniMo)
Don't isolate yourself. You'll regret it later. Stay in public schools!

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