Good, bad idea?

Question:Do you think it's a good idea for home school groups have pep-rallies, student council, debate teams, elections, etc.

I believe those are great educational experiences especially for the older home schoolers out there.

It can help them show to other people they are proud to be home schoolers.

Of course it's a good idea. Actually, we have a local homeschool group that just started a debate club this past school year and there is a sub-group set up for high schoolers to try to arrange activities for them, but also encourage them to set up their own. If there were enough homeschoolers interested, then yeah, you could get a sort of 'student council' going where the members of the club elected people to take care of things. But it'd only be worth starting if you had enough homeschooled teens who would participate.
Oh definately
I think that with older homeschoolers they should take the lead. They should be allowed a vote on what activities the group will have. While adults may make the final decisions, the teens should have a say. So, while I think your idea sounds great, I wouldn't start them with my HS group without first holding an anonymous vote to see how many kids were interested.
Yes it is a good idea if they are student-led activities. Sometimes homeschooled kids (contrary to popular belief) have too much to do already and they shouldn't be pressured to create "school" outside of school.
Yes I think it's a great idea. If there are enough people in your group to do it you should. I was homeschooled and it would have been good to have those experiences.
Personally no, if groups want to do that go for it.

I see no value in any, other than the debate teams, and we do have them through Christian debate organizations, Toastmasters, and national Forensic Speech and Debate.

Elections?, If you are referring to learning the process of how government works, there is a national program called Teen Pact.

There are more than enough high quality educational opportunities available for anyone who is interested.
I think those are great ideas! I used to laugh because as a kid, my homeschool group never had "park days" and people are always believing the myth that homeschoolers never get any interaction.

It's important for homeschooling kids, esp Jr High and Highschool to get a sense of academic leadership and responsibility so that they are ready when college comes.

I totally think it's a wonderful idea.
Debate teams yes! All others are just a popularity thing and all children could do without them. there are much better things to do with your time. If it is the idea of getting together and having events just come up with more activites for them in the way of educational things. Or even just field trips pertaining to government things like that. They would learn more that way then they ever would with student council and such!

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