Question:I have a lot of opinions of older children (13+) people home-schooled, I will share with you if want to. But for now, I just want to know if you guys enjoy being homeschooled or if you feel like your missing out?

No, I don't. Missing out on what? Going to the prom? Sorry but one evening isn't going to make up for what would otherwise be 13 years of bull dust perpetrated by people who have too great a sense of their own importance in this world, not to mention the 'importance' afforded to materialism and so-called celebrity. Eugh! Anyway I'm more of a mud and boots and chasing sheep and cows around our property-type girl than one who cares about posh frocks and make up and fancy hairstyles and getting drunk! Anyway we do have parties of our own...the type of parties that attract people from hundreds of kilometres away and are still going strong a week later but which don't involve getting as drunk as you can in the shortest possible time and then copping off with the closest boy.

I'm 14, home educated, compete in sports at State level, have 3 part time (voluntary) jobs in addition to helping to teach Primary 1 kids at swimming camp and helping out at a camp for disadvantaged city teenagers on a neighbouring property. I have heaps of friends from both the white and Aboriginal communities and a full and involved social life (too full if my parents are to be believed, lol!)...and much more besides.

By staying at home, I've learnt to speak six languages; that would not have been possible if I'd gone to school. By staying at home, I'll be able to do the veterinary medecine course at TAFE next March; that wouldn't be possible if I went to school. By staying at home, I was able to get my first published piece of writing into print in a national farming magazine at age 12; I couldn't have done that if I was away at school. By staying at home I am able to concentrate on learning the skills I'll need in the future, *MY* future; I could not have done that if I was at school.

Why on earth would I want to swap any of that just to have (among other things) a bunch of disillusioned teachers on my back 24/7? Reckon I'd have to be nuts to consider it, LOL.

EDIT: "I think as young adults you have to learn to hold your own, learn to be tolerant of other people and be more independant."

Well studies show that home educated kids are generally MORE tolerant of other people and MORE independent than public schooled kids.

Anyway, without knowing the situation and future circumstances of every single home educated teenager and every single schooled teenager, it is impossible for anyone to say what they do or do not need from their education, social situation etc. You are just making sweeping generalisations in your post (and how tolerant is that), looking at teenagers as if we were all mass produced in some factory somewhere to think the same, look the same, feel the same, want the same and so be moulded the same!

The whole concept of 'teenagers' being a different breed with their own needs (or even existing at all as a separate social entity!) is a recent modern construction which was unheard of prior to the 1950s - and, not only did society survive and thrive without the existence of teenagers, but kids themselves grew up far more holistically when there was no such thing as teenagers or teenaged needs!

There are no teenagers in the third world...and no teenagers in the many tribal communities up here. The whole idea that there is any such thing pathologically as 'teenagers' with 'their own separate (teenaged) needs' is a myth. It was dreamt up in the mid-20th century, in developed nations, as a marketing ploy by people who had things to sell and who suddenly realised that there was money to be made out of older children and young adults.
I like it, the only thing I am missing out on is being made fun and put down constantly for not wanting to do drugs, or any of the other junk that public school kids think is cool :).
I know several homeschooled teens. They ALL enjoy homeschooling. In fact, they all have the option to continue homeschooling or to go to school and they have all chosen homeschooling.

One girl I know is 16 and about to start her 4th year homeschooling. She has NO desire to be back in school. She is in competitive sports and is around other kids roughly her age several times a week. She hears the nonsense that goes on. She also coaches for a sports program and just had a new girl added to the coaching staff: a pregnant 15yo who is living with her 18yo boyfriend and his family. They're planning on getting married. It's one thing after another with the spats and hearing about the parties and seeing some of the kids come into training high and hearing about all kinds of other stuff. Her own experience in school was bad enough and hearing the things she hears has ensured that she will not return to school before graduating. She doesn't feel like she's missing out on anything at all. People ask her about missing out on graduation, but that's not her thing anyhow--she'd rather just go out to a nice restaurant for supper with some friends and family. And definitely NOT be all done up in a fancy dress and hair--totally not her thing.

I was at a homeschooling session with some teens and moms who were looking into homeschooling or who had questions about homeschooling during the teen years. They were asked the same thing: do you feel you're missing out on anything? They didn't. They had full, active lives, were only spending a few hours a day on school work instead of being in school most of the day and coming home with homework. The only thing one boy lamented was the lack of a really good science lab, but he admitted that he had some public school friends who only got to use the lab once a year. He said that being in school to use the lab only once during the year didn't outweigh all the benefits of studying at home.

Understand that where I live, the homeschoolers tend to be VERY active. Many have part-time jobs, are involved in sports, volunteer, do things with homeschooled and public schooled friends... They're not holed away from the world around them.
I was homeschooled at the age of 6 and 7 in music notation and touch typing and it got me As in school.
I know about twenty six teenaged homeschoolers personally who would hate to go back to public school, as it would mess up their lives. They have jobs and activities that they do all day, and they'd miss their friends and interests. I probably know somewhere in the realm of 50 to 60 online from support groups and annual conferences who love homeschooling. I know about twenty 'graduated' homeschoolers who have everything going for them, and don't regret a day. I don't know personally one homeschooler who wished they were back in school?
My kids are aged 12, 10, 8, 7, 6, and 4 and they don't want to go to school. In fact, yesterday was our big annual NOT back to school party, and we spent all day at the public splashpad, the older kids had their skateboards, stereo, DS's, the younger kids have balloons, bubbles, chalk, decorate your own snacks, make your own ice cream, play in the water. We all tie dyed shirts, about 70 of us hanging out all day.

So, how many different teens do you have opinions from?
I'm 15 and am home schooled. I like it, I really like it a lot.
I think it's great to have a say in your education, it's so much more relaxed, I like having a teacher that actually loves me and cares about me especially and my success in this world and I have so much more me time!
Time to do stuff that I want to do!
Sure I'd like to try public school but over all I think home schooling is the best!
im 18 and this is my last year of highschool. I like bein home schooled i can get my work done byfor the schools here can even get to think about letting the kids out for the day and i have 14 classes altogether. the only think u miss out on would be prom but u can still go to that here is someone askes u or u find someone that goes to school to go with. the other thingu miss out on where i am is talkin to as many people or friends and i have lots of time for that when they get out of school if i would just get out and do it lol but its not always a good thing talkin to some people thats not the best of people. like bullys or durgys and no big loss if u ask me. the big thing u want to think about is getting in to college which as long as its not a really big college ur ok just do a few more classes and get a higher that avg. sat score and ur fine. the coast gaurd acadmey looks for an 1900 i think is what it was and on a fake test i took at home and i got an 1800 first try so a little studing and im in so hope this helped.
i am 14 and i enjoy being home schooled because you get to learn at your own pace. now that i will be a freshman i do feel as though i am a little left out because at home you don't get the opportunity to go to dances or join any "clubs" but i have many public school friends that assure me that i can go to a dance with them as long as i am invited and pay. i also have home schooled friends who take 1 or 2 classes at a public school such as art. so they can join whatever they want to there. so i don't really feel too left out.
i actually failed my freshman year for the second time and the court is making me be homeschooled and i havent started yet but idkkk if im to great witht he idea but i guess i can graduate with people my age on time if i do it
I love being homeschooled, I'm in my 11th year in highschool.
It's wonderful. My teacher is very supportive and considerate, he doesn't scrutinize me or has an arrogant personality like some former public school teachers I've had in the past. Everything is one on one and I'm not distracted or bored to death I go on Wed. for three hours in that amount of time I return my homework (two credits a week) and learn the new material for the next unit I have to complete and take quizzes and chapter/unit test.

I actually learn the work, understand it, I don't feel left behind. I also don't have the constant worry about what cute jeans to wear to school to attract that hot jock, or to wear some revealing cleavage to fit in with the crowd, I also don't have to worry about drug and peer pressure and the pressure to have sex or want a boyfriend. During free time I focus on art and reading. I do socialize with friends like go out every weekend night. No, I don't feel like I'm missing out because I probably wouldn't go to prom or homecoming, I could still attend football games I just have to pay a three dollar entrance fee and I could still meet kids from our local highschool at popular after school hang-outs, like the mall, movie theatre, bowling ally, skatepark, ect.

Since homestudies my STAR/CAT6 testing scores have progressed, I passed both my highschool exit exams with the help of CAHSEE MATH/ELA labs, and I do the recomended homework the state of California wants me to do which is at least 20 hr.a week or sometimes more if I complete the work or if I feel one particular subject is easy. It's helped me stay on task complete and understand the credit system and next semester I'm going to look into colleges. I might also finish a semester early if I want. I could still graduate on stage our distric has a special ceromony for graduating home-schooled students at the end of each year.
Oh my goodness, I hated being homeschooled! It was absolutely horrible. I was homeschooled from 11 and up. During the first year, I slowly lost contact with my friends. They were always busy and hanging with their new friends (Middle School had just started after all). I was alone with no friends. My father wanted me to become my brother - study study study and go to a good college (he got a scholarship to Yale). I become distant with my Dad. He worked on his computer all the time, so he never had time to "play" with me anyways.

I think it somewhat ruined my childhood. I had a childhood without friends and fun.

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