How many people hate school?

Question:i hate school and i know my friend does too so to answer this question with a number and a expanation for example the first answerer would write (3, _____________) or the tenth person would write (12,___________) get it if not just explain why you hate school!

3, I hate school because it sucks, and it's stressful and time consuming. AND they gave me a huge over the summer project.
I suggest you read the Teenage Liberation Handbook and do some looking into homeschooling - take charge of your own education and you will be much happier!
hay i do not whant to go to school in the morning. but when i get there if is a blast because my teachers rock.

It's stupid. It's not about learning or thinking.
first, why focus on the negatives in life?
second, why post this in the homeschool section?
If you want to poll people, that's great, but pick polls and surveys next time.
i kinda like it, gives me something to do, and so many pretty girls
1, school develops necessary social skills that shape us into the messed up adults we all become.
I didn't 'hate' school but I did, in the short time I spent there, very quickly become frustrated with and resentful with it; with the amount of my time that was being wasted just hanging around for, to my mind, no good reason. What can I say? I was a very naive 7 year old. I wanted to go to school because I believed that going to school would mean learning things and that I'd be stretched academically and challenged whilst learning them, not simply that I'd be shown how to 'play the game'.
I don't hate school, my teachers are awesome. So when i drive in to Burger King with my Mercedes, I'll laugh at you because you'll be working cash register there!

So you need to pay attention at school!

Take care
I'm 38 years old. I don't hate school but I don't like all of the lies I was told by my teachers. They kept telling us that we needed a high school diploma to get anywhere in life, perhaps even a college degree.
I have a high school education, I'm even military and college educated and no one will still hire me. I have to know someone or screw my way into a career these days. I've done great cover letters and resumes, I've even had jobs that most people wouldn't dare do, like fishing in Alaska.
I suppose if I were to bow down and kiss butt I'd have a career. Is not going to happen.
I really do believe school is hateful and that is why I home school my kids. But my son was such a handful, that I sent him to public school and he is doing well there. They don't expect much of him, so he has a tutor too.

Most people prefer to talk than listen. In school, a teacher gets to talk and the students are forced to listen. This is the main problem. The educational system needs to make sure kids are active instead of passive.

Then schools teach everyone on the same level. They are run like manufacturing process plants. There was not enough repetition in languages for me and too much in math for me, so these subjects were a total waste of time.

Then there is the boredom devil who prevents any textbook from being published if it scores less than a ten on the one to ten boredom scale. Likewise, no teacher can be certified to teach unless she/he scores a ten on the boredom scale.
I hated school. My parents didn't understand. In science I didn't get it so they offered to read the textbook with me. JERKS!
I don't really like or dislike it. I like meeting new people though, it's fun and a good experience because you can make lots of new friends.
I like school because it gives me a job.
I don't like school because, for most people, there are better ways to get an education without wasting the time in classrooms. School is unnatural but is accepted as normal because people have the mindset that everyone must go to school. Everyone should learn and get an education. People need to open their minds to better ways to educate.

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