Does anyone know anything about the laws of home schooling in NC?

Question:How far in advance do I have to send in a notice of intent in NC? My child is 7 and is suppose to start school next week. WillI have to send my child to the public school and wait to home school?

According to HSLDA, the regulation is "to file notice of intent with the state division of non-public education upon starting home school". Here's a link to the regs:
There's also a legal analysis in .pdf format that you can click on, that will give you more details. From what I can see, you shouldn't have a problem.

There are some articles on there about some school officials in NC being pretty bull-headed about homeschooling (one apparently decided it was illegal), so you really may want to go ahead and join HSLDA prior to starting. That way, if anything should come up, you just call them, hand the phone to whoever is challenging you, and they take care of everything. It's not too pricey, and considering they'll go as far as they need to (including court) to protect your rights, it's a pretty good deal.

Hope that helps!
You may already be late for sending your intent to homeschool (August 15th may have been the deadline).

You have to be a High School Graduate

You have to administer a Standarized Test to them once a year (under MOST laws you need a BA to do that otherwise you must find someone with a BA who can do that).

YOu have to keep attendence.

You have to notify them if you terminate the teaching or school.
Heres what helped us

Homeschool Legal Defense Assocation- Adocated for friends & families.

When you get there look for your state, you want to learn about private schools, they dont call it homeschooling, watch out if they ask you about virtual schools, we did that last year, talk abotu the biggest mistake we made. We now have ti where we can pick our what he learns, & works on, not a virtual school!

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