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Question:ok so i am entering as a freshman in highschool and though only a few days in it has not given me a reason to wan to be there at all.. first off its way to crowded!! and being that i cant find hardly any of my classes thats not much help... plus everyone there talks about how they get high and stuff... i hate it. i dont feel safe or comfortable and they are only giving us about a week to find a route to out classes and i cant plus i cant find or have time to go to my locker... i have found that i would just like to be homeschooled. i need a christian affortable homeschooling plan that will alllow me to study and work on my own without my mom worrying about having to take the time to teach me. it would also help if it had some interaction like a phone line or web site where help with anything would be available. i live a christain life style and really want homeschooling.. but i am not sure if we can afford it so please get me outta here!

There are some great Christian homeschool curriculums that come with DVD/MP3/CDRom supplements that you can use to homeschool. They each have a little different focus as far as how the work and assignments are presented (lots of workbook vs. hands on), but they are all very good. Here are some that are easy to use:

A Beka
BJU Press
Apologia (Science)

For Math, BJU and A Beka both have math courses; you can also go with a separate course, like Saxon, Math U See, or VideoText Interactive.

There are also tons of other resources you can use, a lot of them from a Christian perspective. Rainbow Resource Center has a lot of the above curricula at a discount, along with many more. Their catalog is the size of a phone book (literally), and it's free:

As far as legal requirements, they vary by state. You can find the rules and laws here:

And some tips for getting started here:

At your age, any of the above curricula should be pretty easy to homeschool yourself with, without your mom having to do much teaching. You may need her help with stuff you really don't understand (like you would ask her for homework help in ps), but other than that, you should be able to do it yourself. My son uses some of these, and at 9.5, he's independent in at least half his subjects.

Hope that helps!
I was home-schooled through 9th grade, so I hope I can help. My mom has, and is, homeschooled all of my siblings till various high school years. First off, does your mom and dad have he time to help you? If they do the paperwork and buy the curriculum, you can do it all on your own. There are some really good coursed out there for all subjects and grades. You can order DVDs or do school online. I know there's a virtual school online where you attend classes and learn on the computer. For curriculum, abeka is really good.You can research online for a lot of stuff.
another option is to find a private school, or maybe a free homeschool group where you can be assigned work and mentored.
Or, you can get used to the high school atmosphere. Showing concern is good sign, it means you won't easily be influenced by all the crap out there. As for the locker and crowded stuff, you WILL get used to it in a month or so, and it will be no problem. Just pray about it, and I'm sure God will guide you to the right decision.
Good Luck!
You don't really have to enroll in a correspondence or virtual school, your mom could homeschool you on her own much more economically. However, if she feels that you would be better off under some "official" program, here are a few.

There is another that I will need to go look at in some notes in my notepad, I will edit my answer in a minute and add that.

This is a school that is tuition free, but you have to agree to marketing surveys and pay shipping for materials sent to you.
im homeschooled and i can do most of my classes with out mom and i have 14 or them lol. we use kolbe acdamey out of CA its a catholic homescholl and they do have a # u can call that goes to the really life school that it runs out of and they can help u if u need it. u can buy books from them or from a book store like we do and we use a barrons the easy way books they r good books to us any question email me at
First sit down with your parents, and discuss the subject.
It may take doing some home work on your part, so you can present your side based on facts, and some solutions that may help them make an informed decision.
A site with a lot of general home school information is;

Second check with the Home School Legal Defense on your states requirements.
When you contact them via mail, or by phone they may also answer be able to answer any questions you may have that are not on the site.

A affordable Christian home school program is offered through Christian Liberty Academy.
They will also do all your record keeping, and give support.
Christian Liberty Press.
Christian Liberty academy Schools.
I would reccomend can do it by dvd so all your mom has to do is mark some of your work. They have 2 the first, your mom marks all your work, and in the second, your mom marks some, and some things are sent to their office in Florida. If you do the second, you get a diploma when you graduate. I'm doing grade 12 in abeka dvd, been doing it since grade 5 and i luv it!! They have teachers for each subject that you can call and talk to. Good luck!!

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