How can i seize my schoolwork done?

im homeschooled (sorta). i do all my work online and next send it within to my teachers who class it. but i have ADD (im not on any medication, my parents cant afford it) so its really knotty for me to stay focused. i tend to go bad to "la la land" (thats what my mom calls it) or i capture distracted by something else and i just go and get up and leave the computer. its becoming a tangible problem. last year i merely passed one class so this year im in 9th/10th level. i have to re-do the 3 classes that i former last year as very well as all my classes for this year. any suggestions on how i can stay focused and bring all my schoolwork done?

Answers:    Get some more omega 3 surrounded by your diet. This can be by eating fish, taking fish grease tablets or including flax oil into your diet. It taste foul so you'll need to conceal it in something that taste better. A lot of ADD is vitamin deficiency. If you can fix that, it might clear up some of your problems.
How to stay focused? Well, that's an issue we struggle near for our whole lives! Where you can, study subjects that if truth be told interest you. English is a better subject if you like accounts you are reading. Maths is tolerable if you are using it in practical ways, similar to cooking or building. I personally don't estimate it is possible to dislike history, but if you do, study a different period or place. My Australian history classes at arts school have put me stale for life, or so I thought. I loved the Australian classics my mum bought me contained by grade 6 and read them over and over. (For the Term of his Natural Life, and Robbery Under Arms, if you vigilance to try them.) I got right into modern history where on earth I thought I was more interested within the Ancients. I even asked one of my professors to run one of his African history classes for me. He hadn't run it for years so had to steep out a whole lot of paperwork, but he run it because someone had bothered to ask. If you don't similar to your essay topics, think up different ones and check them near your teachers. They probably watchfulness less what you are writing roughly and more about how economically you write it. Or they should. I wrote an essay on fashionable diseases once. I worked on it for a unharmed month and really enjoyed it! Who'd own thought study could be enjoyable?
do several things at once
it works for me:)

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