How old do you have to be to take a GED Test? and is it true that it is only 4 hours?

Question:Additionally does a GED have the same value as a High School Diploma

I took it when I was 16. Those kids who take it early can get to college early. I think that a lot of the kids who take it are wannabe dropouts, but it's also great to give you more flexibility, especially if you're homeschooled.
There is no age restrictions on testing. You can use it like a Diploma and be accepted into a college. I believe that the test is about 4-5 hours.
The best place to call for information on this would be your local public highschool . It vaires as to hour by state. In my state it was split into a two week class in class room and a four hour test. I belive our lowest date is 16 with a sign thing by a legal guardain but that is rare case. I think you have to be 18.
A high School diploma pushes, but employers and college have to accept GED as an eqivalent.

Not sure about the age.

May vary from state to state.

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