"Love needs sufficient amplitude of itself from both sides, unless it will fail." Analyse.?

Yes! If only one person is giving love and the other person isn't, then the person who is giving love will start to have self-esteem issues, feel depressed, and even hatred for the other person. This could also lead to affairs and a huge possibly of a split between the two people.
oh yes, definitely. It always takes two to tango - it has to be a right amount of balance between the amount of invested feelings to full the love and feelings circle.
You are correct but read on my article on the subject.
General Advice to Young People

This is my general advice to all.

You sound very young and if you are under 25, then study hard if in school or college, stay and finish it.

Build a carrier, youth comes but once take full advantage of it. Study hard, play some enjoy friendship, and then at age 25 if still unattached then try the sites like.


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