"The Renaissance Ideals and the Modern Youth" HELP!?

Question:This is the title of our formal theme... What can I write? Can anyone please give me some suggestions/ideas? I'm not asking for an essay, just thoughts, ideas or suggestions. Thanks in advance! :)

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you can write about the similarites and the differeneces between the two and how today its mostly about materialism and consumerism and in back then it was more of a classical school of thought mixed with humanism. you could compare the need for "stuff" with the need for survival and how today without "stuff" kids feel like their life will end if they don't have the latest ipod or coolest shoes. for another angle you could look at "the prince" by machievelli and how some of his ideals (from the renaissance) can still be applies today and you could elaborate on the evolution of those ideals.
The first thing that comes to mind for me is the term "Renaissance Man." We categorize such individuals as Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo as Renaissance Men because they pursued many interests and excelled in diverse areas, rather than specializing in one or two very specific things. There's a rising trend among young professionals and college and high school students to have diverse interests and be equally talented at many different things. Many choose to pursue several of these interests and become reasonably good at all, but masterful at none. While da Vinci and Michelangelo were undeniably masters at their crafts, not all of us are so blessed. It seems to me that many modern youths could be categorized as "Renaissance Men (or Women)."

During the Renaissance, another movement arose that attempted to describe politics in gritty truth. Machiavelli was a part of this movement, which sought to improve government through reasoning. This links to many modern youths as well. An increasing amount of young people are taking a strong, reasoned interest in politics and the political process.

As the Renaissance arose at the end of the Middle Ages, scholars attempted to seek out texts that had been lost through the "Dark Ages." While many of these scholars were devoted to Christianity, they sought to improve their love of God through an increased knowledge through history, science, and mathematics. Young people today are spiritually hungry, having become discontented with powerful organized churches. Many are searching for something spiritually satisfying while refusing to believe that either faith or reason must be sacrificed for the sake of the other.

The genesis of the Renaissance (literally "rebirth" in French) was the rediscovery and distribution of Greek and Latin texts. As time wore on, Arabic science and mathematic theories, which were far more advanced than European knowledge, were also assimilated. The European world emerged from a time of little intellectual growth and scholarship burgeoned with the integration of world knowledge. Modern youths have a similar opportunity today, if only we can get past our ethnocentric ideals.

Well, those are some of the things I would pursue if given that topic. It's fascinating and gives you a lot of room to come up with some of your own ideas. Have fun, think things through, figure out what you really believe about some things. Best of luck.

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