A great topic question?

Question:I have to have a really nice, organized topic question for the heading of my 4000 word essay, but I can't really think of a really good, descriptive question!

The essay will be focused on -
* causes of the Great Depression
* what could have prevented the Great Depression
* a comparison of how the United States was at that time period and how it is currently (in terms of economy)
* the chances of the United States falling into another Great Depression

Overall, I will be evaluating and analyzing everything I have read and learned to decide how likely it is that the United States will fall into another Great Depression.

This is an International Baccalaureate extended essay and the question can't just be "Will the United States fall into another Great Depression?", it has to be more complex than just that! So if there are any talented writers here that just have a way with words, please help me!

Clawed (ourselves) once out of the Slough of Depression: Are we sliding back in?
Past Present and Future
US Worst Financial Crisis - Lessons Learned or Have We learn?
US in the Great Depression - How it was and how it will be:
what were the causes of it? Could it have been prevented? Will there be a repeat in history in the future?

This is all i can come up with, without know more about what is required of this essay... hope i was helpful~~

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