5th grade Decimal help - Rounding?

Question:Are these the correct answers to these questions?

Rounding to the nearest tenth:
My answer: 0.1

Rounding to the nearest hundredth:
My Answer: 6.78

Rounding to the nearest whole number:
My Answer: 3.00

Please tell me if any of these are wrong :)

Good Job. They're all correct.
all your answers are exactly right!!

except, on your last one, you don't have to do 3.00, you can leave the answer as 3.

1 = ones/whole number
.1 = tenths
.11 = hundredths
.111 = thousandths
good job... the last one is just 3, not 3.00
wow that was so long ago for me, but I'm in college and still having to do it. Yes it looks like you know what you are doing all your answers are correct
great job!~
what everyone else said is right, but with some teachers they like you to put the 3.00 instead of 3. i dont know why but they do. did your teacher mention anything about that? if not just write it as 3
0.124 rounded to nearest tenth is 0.1
6.782 rounded to nearest hundredth is 6.78
3.45 rounded to nearest whole is 3
You need no answers.
All correct

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