A very little is equal to nothing. please explain and give example.?

very little approaches nothing.

A limit line starts off far away from zero, and then get closer and closer. Theoretically, it never touches zero, but it comes so close that statistically, it's as good as zero.

This is all about limits and calculus. Here is a great site with explanations and charts for you.
not enough info. re-phrase the question. The sentence in itself does not equate.
No, they are not equal. A person with a penny isn't penniless. He simply has next to nothing.
Actually if you say very little, it means there is something.and something is never nothing..But if we use it in a situation like in relationships, something very little could end up to nothing. For example, if a girl feels very little towards a guy, there is a great possibility that the guy won't get nothing...in other words, will just get busted.
Very little is equal to nothing only if you are a pessimist. If you are an optimist, very little is better than nothing.
hey listen. a limit tending to H. H being a very small quantity is generally taken as 0 but accually is a little gr8er dan 0..

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