2 interesting things in argentina? i really need answers fast!?

Question:i'm doing a project on argentina and i need 2 more topics for my powerpoint! i already have tango, i don't want to food or polotics. it's due tomorrow, so i really help fast! any ideas?

I recently read a financial paper about Argentina's` economy, they have one of the highest inflation rates in South America. Although the government say it is around 10% a year, independent analysts say it is far higher than even 15%.(The government have tried to disguise their figures by replacing 40% of the staff working in the statistics department with their "own people") The bad management of the economy is one reason for these rates, another is the poor monetary value of their currency. They have a lot of debt, mainly non-paymet of foreign loans and these days they have very few export`goods`. There is a great divide between the rich and the poor and far more social discontent that the government are prepared to have us believe.
This may not be the sort of facts that you need for homework, but at least they are up-to-date as far as the money market stands.
The glacier at the south end of it, or the fact that at the south end it's so close to Antarctica.

You sure you don't want to put in about the Nazis who moved there after World War II?
they dug up some dinosaur bones there,and a lot of Germans live there.Nazi's
the glaciers and iguazu thats what everyone visits in argentina
It's the eight largest country in the world second largest country in South America, It's know for excellent leather goods,population is 33.5 million with more than 90% of the population of European origin,The Argentine Constitution declares Catholicism to be the official religion and Catholic church personnel are on the government payroll. The State church claims 92% of the population but few of this number attend church with regularity.,The literacy rate of about 95% is the highest in South America, and the country has 24 national universities and many state and private universities,The largest dinosaur fossil ever discovered was in Argentina,In the next few years Argentina will be introducing a wave of "new" varietals wines to U.S. that will bear its own unique style, thanks to two grapes in particular, the white Torront├ęs and red Malbec.

OMG, I don't know anymore, except about food,lol. The beef there is off the chain and world renowned, and surprisingly cheap. Ha, hope this helps a bit, i had to go digging around a bit.it was fun...
I ll give u 2 interesting things about Argentina: Fall of Iguazu, 2 nd biggest water fall in the world. Like Niagara Iguazu is shared by two countries, Brazil and Argentina.
Boca Junior, Argentina is famous for their soccer. One their most popular club team is Boca Junior.

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