(3x) / (3x+y) simplified is it 1/y ???

lol no..thas the answer basically. Its not 1/y. Heck no! Because on the bottom you're adding two terms not multiplying them. If there was a multiplication sign b/t 3x and y, then the problem wud have been alot easier. But for this one, we have an addition sign. So thas basically the answer. However, if the bottom value was the numerator, the answer would be 1 + 3x/y. Because you can split up the problem into two fractions and divide 3x with both 3x and 1 which wud give u 1 + 3x/y. But in this case, 3x/3x+y is the answer. Again, the denominator is one whole term. YOU CAN'T SPLIT IT! I hope that clears up!
yeah i think its right
3x /3x = 1
Yes it can either by Y

or 1/y
you could look at it like this
cancel the top and bottom and you get
yeah you had it right.
Let me see:

(3x) / (3x+1) = [(1/3)(3x)] / [(1/3) (3x+y) =

x / ( x +(y / x) = 1 + ( y / x )

I don't know for sure but I don't think it's 1/y
Invincible is right. The denominator is one term. There is nothing more to do to it.
already simplified (3x+y) is one number

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