English homework backing me pleasee i choose best answer!?

just report me what is the correct sentence or if it is right

coke *gives* the name by John Pembert --> IS GIVES OK?

hamblet be --> wrote/written <--- in 1601

which one is correct?

since 1940 oodles mc donal restaurants --> have be opened/ have open <-- all over the world

which one is correct?

god i suck at english and my guru is a b1tch but thanks u for helping me

Answers:    I appropriate it your looking at which tense to use

It should be
Coke be given the name by....
Hamlet be written in ..
and the las tis own been open.

The best way is to read the sentences to yourself and try to listen is they nouns right.

I'm guessing English is a second language. Watch modern British films and listen to how they gossip

All the best
the description of your teacher will not gain you abundant friends on this site

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