8th grade question?

Question:ok i obviosly need some help on all of these questions so please help.

how can i do very good in hard subjects like math and reading english

and how can i make myself look older in front of girls

and how can i get a girl to like me

anyone who helps me i will pick ur answer for best answer ASAP

to do good in math and english u need to study for it.
do more than what the teacher give as home work... learn further ahead than what the teacher teach in school.

there is some amount of talent in each of us - but the rest of the results come from sheer hard work. David Beckham is not where he is today if he just idle around and not do more practice .

start early... do ahead, pay attention in class.. do active listening..

you are what you are - so don't try to look older or younger - it will be disgusting.
however, you should try to behave more mature - dun talk nonesense do foolish things, play infront of girs, and you should be ok. girls mature earlier than boys so they tend to be more stable - boys tend to play more .

how to get a girl to like you ? you don;t just be yourself.. she should like YOU . NOT what you pretend to be infront of her.. else the relationship will not last..
study and pay attention read 25 mins a day

be mature

be yourself not cocky and dont be a jackass such as nice ***
ok well just do ur homework ask for help go after skool n ask the teacher it helps im in 8th grade
n um nothin really just ask muture maybe cut ur hair or grow it long n just be nice n stuff 2 them!! thats wat i do!!
1. You have to be very dedicated to all of your hard work. Just make a daily schedule in which you can follow so your work will not be so stressful on you. The number one rule is to just pace yourself and try not to worry. If you ever need help you can always ask the teacher for ways to improve your grade.
2. Girls like it when you are the real you, mainly personality is the best. Your should try wearing cologne or just try to act mature around them. Not many girls like immature guys.
3. Just be yourself around them and try not to act all goofy.A lot of girls like sweet and sensitive guys.
Hope this helps!
pay attention in class so u will learn something, dont try to impress girls if they like u they like u. dont sweat it. DONT EVER TRY TO make your self look older. LET IT FLOW NATURALLY.
A-Well, that question is easy. STUDY! Don't worry about girls, friends, being popular, etc. It doesn't matter who you are in middle school nor high school. Keep your mind building with work books-they're good timewasters

B-If you wanna look older in front of girls, dont TRY. You'll look foolish. Believe me, Ive had a guy try to act all impressive, and he looked ridiculous. Be yourself, and girls DIG good brains. I do, at least.

C-Again, dont try to be something your not, focus on grades and what really matters most in school-learning, and say hi occaisionally if a girl passes by. the closer of friends you get to girls, the more they'll see the real you who they can become compatible with.

I'm starting my freshmen year in highschool, so I'm past 8th grade already. I had a blast, and I focused on schoolwork. I got a boyfriend (although it didnt really last) because I was myself. Just remember to do good in school, and don't worry about girls yet. They'll come to you if you get A's. Trust me:)
> if you want to get better- practice! ... in this case- study!
> be poised (don't fool around... be calm- controlled.. cool, but approachable)
> you can't make anyone like you... with girls it's: the less you look desperate- the more you are adored
maybe it will help you to start reading this book: THE 7 HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PEOPLE... by Steven R. Corvey

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