4 digit odd # who's 1's digit is half the hundred digit-can someone solve this riddle?

Question:math riddle

any 4 digit number will be odd if the 1's digit is odd. so just make up a number with 4 digits with the last being odd and double it, it will be the second digit. Like this. 4623

it's impossible. you can't split an odd # in 1/2
The hundreds digit is the third digit over. So, there are quite a few answers. The one's digit has to be a 1, 3, 5, 7 or 9 to be odd. But, the hundreds digit has to be twice that. So, only 1 or 3 will work in the ones place, leaving 2 or 6 in the hundreds place.

Here are two:


The thousands and tens digits can be anything.

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