About Compound subject and compound predicate.?

Question:i need help in this homework :S

They are saying me that i have to underline simple subjects one and s. predicates twice, then i have to label each senctence compound subject, c. predicate or both.

So this is one sentence:

Eskimos, originated in Asia, migrated eastward, and settled in Arctic land.

So can u explain me what do i have to do and what is the compound predicate and compound subject? and when do i have to put ¨both¨

You would for your sentence underline Eskimos, because that is a simple subject. Originated, migrated, and settled all get underlined twice because they are all predicates (verb/action of the sentence).

simple means just one

compound means more than one

if there is only one subject - it's a simple subject

if there's more than one subject - it's a compound subject

the same for the predicate.
It is a simple subject - Eskimos.

Compound predicate means that the sentence is sort of like three sentences combined: Eskimos originated in Asia. Eskimos migrated eastward. Eskimos settled in Arctic land.

Here are a few sites that may help.

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