A comma usage question. What is the difference in meaning between "my wife, Lisa" and "my wife Lisa"?

Question:Does "my wife Lisa" mean I have only one wife and "my wife, Lisa, " means I have multiple wives?

The necessity of the comma depends on whether or not it's an "essential" clause or not. For example,

A) If you say were to say:
'My wife Lisa went to the store'
then you would basically saying "Lisa went to the store", but you are giving more information about Lisa (the fact that she is your wife). Note that if you took out the "My wife" part, the sentence would still make sense as written.

B) Saying:
'My wife, Lisa, went to the store', you are talking about your wife as the primary subject. By adding the clause, ", Lisa," you are simply providing more information about your wife.

1) Neither statement means that you have multiple wives
2) In case (A), the sentence is centered around Lisa, and in (B) the sentence is centered around "my wife"
3) You would use (A) to explain that Lisa was going to the store, and maybe clarifying your relationship to her (like someone that knows Lisa's name but doesn't know you're married.
4) You would use (B) to explain that your wife was going to the store, and clarifying her name. You might say this to someone who sees you walking together and assumes you are married, and you are just clarifying her name.
a comma is just a pause. like saying my wife, lisa sounds like you are introducing her. if you just say my wife lisa sounds like you are talking about her.
Here is a good example:
This is my wife Lisa. (this sentence means you are introducing someone to your wife)

This is my wife, Lisa. (this one means that you are introducing your wife to Lisa!)
"She is my wife, lisa" means you are telling someone named Lisa that >this person< is your wife, because the comma before lisa means you are addressing lisa.

"my wife lisa" is saying that lisa is the name of your wife

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