How do I get the answer for the √121/4?

Question:I also need help with this:
√96x^2 / √2x

is it square root over both 121 and 4? or just over 121?

if its over just 121 then isnt it just 11/4?

if its over both then its both 11/2 because 11x11= 121 and you know square of 4 is 2 x 2

for the square 96x^2 / square 2x its 4xsquareroot6 because 16x6=96 and if you have an x^2 you can pull an x out

for the bottom you have to multiply by square root 2x but that also means multiplying the top by it as well so the bottom we have 2x and the new top is now 4xsquareroot6 x squareroot 2x we multiply the inside and we have 12x^2
we can pull a 4 and an x out and that leaves us with

2xsquareroot3 now multiply the outsides

8x^2squareroot 3 and thats it, i think, hope this helped a little
How about doing your own homework instead of leeching off the minds of intellectuals here :thumbsup: :-D.

First one is 5.5, don't expect so much help, and read tips on this kind of stuff in books and online sites.

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